Here are some questions that I get a lot! I am always happy to answer any questions that anyone may have so never hesitate to ask!

Q: What made you start blogging?
A: I wanted to start blogging because I have always loved to cook, and have especially always loved to cook for others!! I had a lot of people at different times asking me for recipes, how I cooked things, food ideas, etc. So I decided to put all of my cooking in one easy to find place. I love having the ability to tell people about cooking and baking and having people try out my recipes. It is one of the best things in the world to be able to give people the opportunity to cook the food that I love to cook and explore on their own.

Q: What do you use for the writing on your pictures?
A: I use a website called www.dafont.com to download fonts to my computer and a website called www.picmonkey.com to apply the fonts to my pictures. It's a really cool website with a lot of settings to make for awesome looking pictures.

Q: Do you edit your photos?
A: I try not to edit my photos. However, I always adjust the brightness, shadows, highlights, and contrast. I also occasionally adjust the color saturation. I try to take a lot of pictures in good, natural, lighting so that I have to minimally edit my photos. Also, I feel like people enjoy seeing food that looks real enough to eat, if food is staged too heavily it looks out of reach so I want to bring photos to my blog that inspire people to try the recipes for themselves instead of feeling overwhelmed and out of their league.

Q: Do you eat everything that you make?
A: YES! I don't usually eat all of the servings myself but I always try my recipes myself. I love new foods and new taste experiences.

Q: Why are only some of your recipes gluten free?
A: Only some of my recipes are gluten free because I want to bring variety to this blog. My best friend has Celiac Disease which causes her to have a gluten intolerance so I like knowing which foods are safe and good for her, and others with the same condition, to eat. I also want to help people to find yummy gluten free recipes that they can add to their everyday recipe collection rather than bringing bland, clinical, food to the table. I love trying all sorts of things out with cooking so I would hate to limit myself and my readers to one category of foods.

Q: Why "King's" Bakery?
A: My best friend, Krista, and I love the movie The Count of Monte Cristo and one of the lines between to two main friends is "King's to you..." which means one of them has done something to deserve praise. Even though those two characters become mortal enemies Krista and I like saying that to each other from time to time so when we open our bakery that's what we want to call it!

to be continued...

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