Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My First Post!

Hello! This is my first blog post and I am very excited about it!

My name is Katherine and I am a 23 year old child of the Northwest who loves creating.

To start off I will explain a little about why I am starting this blog. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to open a bakery. Baking brings me so much joy and happiness, not only because I love to do it, but because I love to give people delicious things to eat which makes everyone happy!
About 2 years ago I met an amazing girl named Krista and we quickly became best friends. One of the many, many things Krista and I found that we had in common was our love for baking, along with cooking and crafting. It didn't take her and I very long to decide that we would open up a bakery together, this blog will be all about the journey to finding and creating delicious recipes to put into that bakery which we hope to open in the near future!

Over the course of the blog you will find out much more about me and the amazing people I have in my life so I won't be too long-winded in this first post about myself. Thanks for reading and I hope you will find some joy from this blog.


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